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DuraVision mirrors are trusted by safety officials, security forces, architects and professionals requiring the highest quality, durability and performance mirrors.

DuraVision Mirror Systems

Regular Convex Mirrors

Regular Convex Mirrors

These acrylic convex security mirrors are ideal for retail and office surveillance as an anti theft device. Complete with a fully adjustable wall mounting bracket which makes it easy to install.  Being adjustable to almost any angle makes these mirrors a great loss prevention device. These DuraVision surveillance mirrors are manufactured from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalised using 99% pure Aluminium. These advanced mirroring and shaping techniques result in a super-bright, clear reflection with no distortion. The ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) back is lightweight and robust and will withstand harsh conditions and still maintain a visual style essential in retail or office environments.

Available in four sizes: 12", 18", 24", 32" Diameter.

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Product Model No. Range Price Qty
Indoor-Outdoor 12" $50.03
Indoor-Outdoor 18" - SOLD OUT! $62.23
Indoor-Outdoor 24" $96.09
Indoor-Outdoor 32" - SOLD OUT $170.70