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Ceiling Dome Mirrors

Ceiling Dome Mirrors

The DuraVision retail loss prevention  full dome retail security mirror is ideal for 360o observation and to improve retail surveillance of large areas which are obscured by aisles and partitions. These security dome mirrors are aimed at preventing shoplifting and thereby reducing retail shrinkage.

The ceiling dome comes complete with dome top screws for attaching direct to the ceiling or can be suspended using the unique suspension kit for custom height positioning. The mirror face is manufactured from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalised using 99.9% pure Aluminium. These advanced mirroring and shaping techniques result in a super-bright, clear reflection with no distortion.

Available in three sizes: 18", 24" and 36" Diameter.

Multiple Quantity Options:
To save on shipping charges, we can multi-pack up to 5 Domes in one carton. Please click on the products below to see Multiple Quantity Options available for each size.

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Product Model No. Range Price Qty
Full Dome 18" 68524H 10 feet $81.09
Full Dome 24" - SOLD OUT! 68584H 20 feet $108.31
Full Dome 36" 68589H 30 feet $255.33
Ceiling Panel Dome 24" 68599H 20 feet $103.51